Gamification @ Work Conversational Webinar

Please join Mario Herger and me this Monday the 21st of March at 10am PST when we answer Ashish Pratab and your Gamification @ Work questions. Ashish is writing his theses about Gamification @ Work and he pinged Mario and me, wondering whether he could interview us about gamification in the enterprise. We thought why not create an interactive session around it that is open for others to join. Direct link to the Gamification @ Work webinar.

Check out my little announcement session that I recorded yesterday.

I think Gamification is the poster child for Gardner’s Hype Cycle. A couple of years back it was the hottest thing and everyone was talking about it. The last 2 years the mood changed and it went down the Trough of Disillusionment. See the below graphic from 2015. Gamification is totally at the bottom. But now in 2016 I feel we are entering the Slope of Enlightenment. People have adjusted their expectations and know better what is possible and use the tools accordingly. Find out on Monday.


When I organized the SAP Mentors webinars were structured them to have max 30 minutes of presentation and the rest would be Q&A. It was always the most interesting part of the webinar. Great conversations would be happening. People would come on camera and share interesting insights from all over the world. I miss that and hope we can recreate a bit of that in this webinar.

I love spreecast for giving everyone the ability to post questions as well as vote questions up and down and of course we will take the ones with the highest votes first :-)

See you on Monday.



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