*Why we should stop the…

Why we should stop the bombing right now.
From the UK Guardian:
The UN had 9,200 metric tons of food inside of Afghanistan yesterday. Officials in the World Food Programme calculate the country needs 52,000 metric tons from outside a month.
Getting it in before winter closes the mountain roads next month is a nightmare. Afghanistan must have a five-month stockpile – 250,000 metric tons – in place within five weeks. If it doesn’t, then 1.5 million Afghans risk starvation and seven million will face critical food shortages.

Moving hundreds of convoys into one of the poorest countries in the world within weeks would probably be impossible in peacetime. It’s certainly impossible during a war which Sir Michael Boyce, the Chief of the Defence Staff, said on Thursday would ‘go through the winter and into next summer at the very least’.

I stitched the main points from the article together a bit.
Let’s stop the bombing now. The Taliban is not going anywhere.

1.5 Million Afghans fit into 200 World Trade Centers.
If they starve it is the equivalent of a world trade center crash every freaking day from now until the 4th of May.
(I am shivering realizing this.)

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