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Trust is essential for an environment of excellence. Introducing Playfulness is the fastest way to create lasting trust.
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Jon Reed USA The Mentors were, for me, the most vivid example of what I sometimes call a “culture of excellence,” people who were friendly and inclusive but also challenged the heck out of each other. It’s a model Mark Finnern envisioned that I will carry with me. Testimonials Jon Reed Diginomica co-founder,
SAP Consultant and Author
Roberto Negro Italy Mark is undoubtful a visionary and really eclectic genious. I was lucky enough to know him at the dawning of SDN, a new and very innovative way of collaborate and share knowledge: his passion has made a big community come alive. A real motivational engine! [LinkedIn] Testimonials Roberto Negro
Senior Manager, Whirlpool EMEA, Italy
Björn Goerke Germany I always enjoyed working with you and all the Mentors and I always admire your -- "playful" is probably the right word -- playful approach to create enthusiasm, motivation and positive mood towards even the most boring topics at SAP [more] Testimonials Björn Goerke EVP Corporate Officer,
SAP Product & Innovation Technology
Marilyn Pratt USA Mark, as many of us experience you, you are an "un-common" community member..."sui generis" (one of a kind).
All of us in the extended tribe will watch with rapt interest where you next embed your sui-generisness. We will want to see where next you light your fires and what listeners you draw to you and where and what you gift.[more]
Testimonials Marilyn Patt
Community Advocate, SAP Mentor Alumnus
David Dobrin USA That SAP brought the [SAP] Mentors to this event [Press Analyst Reception at Sapphire] is the single most important innovation that SAP has done in the last year. [video] Testimonials David Dobrin
BtoB Analyst @toppundit
Raphael Pacheco Brazil What about this event [SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley] ... For starter, the presentation by Mark Finnern. Wow, what an amazing presentation, one of the best, if not the best I've ever seen! [more] Testimonials Raphael Pacheco
SAP Consultant Brazil
Matthias Steiner I personally experienced a Mentor Magic that goes way beyond our charter and manifests on a personal level. I always knew I was privileged to be part of this group from a professional angle, yet the friendship I receive from this group is soo much more valuable and humbling. And... ultimately that's your heritage Mark. You were the one that formed the group, brought the tribe together and ensured that we constantly get out of our comfort zone - and having a whole lot of fun along the way [more] Testimonials Matthias Steiner Cloud Platform Evangelist
SAP Mentor Alumnus Germany
Jim Snabe Denmark Jim answering a question regarding SAP's innovation strategy during a press conference at Sapphire: " ... We have done a number of efforts ... in that direction. I think the most significant one is the availability of HANA in the cloud as a developer platform for free for developers around the world. With no fee. I think that one was actually suggested by our mentors, so thank you very much, ..." [video] Testimonials Jim Snabe Member of the Board World Economic Forum, Former Co-CEO SAP

Companies need to be agile. They need to scan the market and technology regarding new trends and adjust their business processes accordingly.

Developing a deep engagement with their ecosystem, their community gives companies a lasting competitive advantage.

I, Mark Finnern am uniquely qualified to help you succeed at the intersection of Business Process- and Technology Innovation with the help of deep Community Engagement.

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