Low-Code Geeks && Suits Pair Programming!

Pair Programming Writing By Mark Finnern && Njal Stabell

[Njal] This idea of Geeks && Suits Pair Programming was inspired by something that happened in 2011. The same year Ole Andre and I founded Neptune Software and presented our solution at SAP TechEd in Madrid.

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[Mark]: That year  SAP’s two most significant European events Sapphire && SAP TechEd were co-located. If memory serves us right, about 7000 business people were joined by about 4000 Techies flocking to Madrid.

During the first keynote, the always funny Master of Ceremony Ian Kimbell joked: 

Sapphire and TechEd is united under one roof this week. — You Geeks in the audience! There are Businesspeople here! Please be kind to the Suits!”

The SAP Mentors, spearheaded by Chris Karneghan, got the hint and actually ran with it and started gently asking people wearing suits whether they could hug them. They took pictures and posted them on Twitter with the hashtag #HugASuit or #SuitHugger

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The following day you could see SAP Mentors huddled around, wondering which Suit they had not hugged yet.

While the executives would come into the SAP Mentor room with a big smile opening their arms saying: 

Where is the Mentor love?
I haven’t got a hug yet!

With these lovely interactions, the barriers between Business and IT were broken down, and the stage was set for unique collaborations and innovations.

[Njål && Mark] Low-Code solutions offer an enormous opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration between the geeks and the suits in enterprises.

Marc Andreesen famously said that Software is eating the world. That is also true for every department of an organization it is more and more software-driven.

Implemented right, Low-code solutions allow to bridge the gap between IT and other company departments.

Let’s empower the department power-users with low-code tools working shoulder to shoulder with dedicated IT developers helping them make the most out of these tools.

We see a golden age coming, where solutions are developed and quickly iterated by power users in the departments with friendly IT guidance.

The flexibility, joy of development, and pride of solution ownership will also greatly enrich the power user’s work life. Engagement, department agility, and job satisfaction will go through the roof.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, let’s bond/blur the lines between Geeks and Suits and together create a better world!

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