ASU GSV Summit What I Would like to Discover! #ASUGSVSummit

ASU GSV Summit

On the plane to the ASU GSV Summit, apparently, some call it the EdTech Woodstock, happening the next 3 days in San Diego. 

Some topics I would like to learn about and discuss at this summit

  • Education solutions derived from first principles: 
    • Based on the latest research (what is that research?): 
      • How do we learn? 
      • How do we best retain that learning?  
      • How do we set up an environment to optimize that kind of learning? 
      • Ideally taking the well-being of the whole person into account! 
  • Impact Groups; Learning Cohorts; Learning-Pods 
    • Is anyone successfully running small 5-15 member learning groups to accelerate their impact? 
    • Who has formed pods for their kids to have the social connecting element that current online learning offerings are missing? 
  • What have we learned from remote learning? 
    • What should we keep? 
    • What can only be done online? 
    • Flipped classroom? 
    • Activity tracking of the participants to ensure everyone’s voice is heard? 
  • What can you do for hybrid learning models to work? 
  • Learning buddy! 
    • Would love to have a friendly AI Companion that helps me learn best what I need to know and nudges me to make progress on my goals.
  • Can we bring the Dual Education System solution to the US? 
    • Germany has a successful program of students working for a company for 3 months alternated with 3 months of University studies. After 3-4 years they have earned a bachelor’s degree. The whole time the students get paid by the companies they are working for enough to cover rent and food. It’s a win for everyone involved. Would be great to see some collaboration between innovative universities <cough>ASU<cough> and the industry around such a model.  
  • Teacher to Mentorship transition 
    • Anyone successfully transitioned kids and teachers from the traditional teaching model to a more coaching/mentorship model, that supports the learner in their education adventures? 
  • How can we make it easier to prove proficiency? How can we get around gatekeepers?

Of course, I am also super interested in all the startups that are represented here and tackling the wide field of education! Ping me if you want to talk about any of the above. 

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