Future of Money Conference Notes

Was fortunate to participate in the Future of Money Conference on the 4th of December 2017. It was happening at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco. Weather was nice and I took the bus to San Francisco and scooted down Fillmore street to Japan Town, where I took the above picture. Great start into an interesting day.

Here are my Future of Money notes derived mostly from my tweets:

Gust Launch is offering a $99 per month deal to help you do a lot of your initial startup legal, tax, finance setup.

Especially if you are a first time founder, you not only streamline the process, but also become part of a community of founders and investors.
Below the recording of David Rose’s session. You can find most of the recordings on the Future of Money schedule page

Sounds obvious, but needs repeating: “To be successful in open source communities a continues dialog needs to be established.”¬† Daniela Barbosa VP of World Wide Alliances from the Open Source Blockchain company Hyperledger.¬†They are having quite some momentum: Of the 70+ open source organizations the Linux Foundation has launched, Hyperledger holds the distinction as the fastest growing.

@Crypto_creeper commented that below $100 Million seems to be the sweet spot.

This I see as an enormous opportunity. Securely connect different APIs and making these banks to play well with each other is a great opportunity.

Excellent use of smart contracts and blockchain: Shelita Burke pays all of her collaborators instantly when you buy one of her songs. :-)

One of my favorite blockchain implementations: automate the royalty payments to everyone involved and give these artists their due. It is crazy, that $2.5 billion are unpaid :-(

The Future of Money is in major flux since blockchain and crypto currency has come to the table. Most of it is still in its infancy. A lot of very interesting developments are happening. The winners will be the ones that are able to connect/bridge the old with the new. Like the ones that will securely connect different banks APIs. Or the ones that are able to tokenize real business processes, like Sheila Burke does with her collaborators. Interesting times ahead.

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