Level Up Neptune Software Community

Happy to announce that I am helping Neptune Software with their community strategy. In this fast moving world a deeply engaged community may be the only lasting competitive advantage.

Tell us what you think of the Neptune Software and our community by filling out this short survey. You may win a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Neptune Software has developed a powerful low code platform to develop SAP Fiori UX solutions. It covers the complete application lifecycle mostly using SAP developer’s favorite language, ABAP.

They do a lot of things right already:

  • This year #sitSV is happening the Friday before SAP TechEd September 22nd. Our plan is to have a #Cluebus going right after #sitSV via a stop in Yosemite arriving in Las Vegas on Sunday morning in time for the start of SAP Teched. Mark your calendar, more details to come.
  • With Njål Stabell and Maximilian Schaufler, they have two SAP Mentors on their team. That gives them a front row seat to what is going on within the SAP ecosystem as well as to influence SAP. 
  • Don’t miss their UX Summit in Oslo this June 1st.  

To get a feeling for where we stand with the current Neptune Community, we created a survey to help us make it even better. As mentioned before, by filling out this short survey you may win a $50 Amazon gift certificate and an even better community.

Really looking forward to put my community building experience to good use with Neptune Software in the coming weeks and months. Ping me with any questions or suggestions.  

P.S. 1st picture Njål Stabell Neptune Software and me. Picture was taken by Srini Tanikella SMART Modular at the Nordic Innovation House.

2nd picture after prep time for SAP Inside Track #sitSV from left to right: Aiaz Kazi Google, Sam Yen SAPNjål Stabell Neptune Software, Leanne Waldal Autodesk, Moya Watson SAP, Abesh Bhattacharjee Infosys, me

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  1. Great to have you onboard helping us Mark. See you in Palo Alto on Wednessday for some mentor get-together :)

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