Playful @ Work at SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley #sitSV

sap-inside-track-2015Some friends on this picture to the left nudged me to present at the SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley #sitSV happening on the 12th of September at the Hana House in Palo Alto. It is a Saturday, which guarantees that only really dedicated people will come, which makes the discussions and hallway conversations much more engaging. For work/life balance take Monday after off, or at least that is what I am going to do. :-)

Playfulness is amazing at bringing people together, creating trust, and defusing tense situations. Learn how play can help you be more successful in life and work. Using as examples the playfulness of  SAP Mentors as well as the SAP Inside Tracks over the years, I will show you on how you can be more successful in life and at work by bringing play into your world.

I don’t think the SAP Inside Track band will be performing this year, but in 2010 Martin Lang and Aslan Noghre-kar opened up the event with the following:

Music derived from Madness One Step Beyond!

It really set the tone, as in “you can be off key, because there are friends that bring it to a glorious end.”

What is not captured in the video is our passing of the Telepresence room that an assistant of Vishal swung open ready to shush us, as they were in the middle of a call with Waldorf, he saw us got really confused and closed the door again without saying a word.

SAP Inside Track is what you make it, come join and do your part for it to be glorious again.

Amazing thing is, #sitSV is free thanks to a generous sponsorship by Neptun Software lead by fellow SAP Mentor Njål Stabell

Sign up here. Can’t wait to see and engage with you all.

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