Broomsters to the Chalk Art?

This weekend there is an amazing Italian Street Painting Art festival going on in San Rafael.

They started yesterday evening and I talked to one of the artists. She recommended to come on Sunday evening before 10 PM as then the art will be the best.

Why before 10 PM? Because then the street sweeper will drive through and take it all away. Make the roads pristine again.

Now I think that is a total missed opportunity. The street sweeper should come a day later.

It would be super interesting to see the decay of the beautiful art through cars and people driving and walking through it for 24h.

I don’t think the city will go for that suggestion, at least not this year.

But we could come out with brooms and water and run just in front of the clean machine and see what we could do to enhance the beautiful art. I am convinced that some of the artist would join us the brooming broomsters ;-)

Sweeping is using a broom to clean. Brooming on the other hand is using a broom to enhance art ;-)

We could bribe the street cleaner driver to start an hour later and make it a total happening.

Oh one can dream :-)

San Rafael Street Art Festival San Rafael Street Art Festival

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