Playful @ Work: Business Cards

When I tell people that I am bringing playfulness to enterprises, their faces light up. They ask me to come to their workplace to make it more enjoyable. I feel honored and on the right track, alas I can’t be everywhere. You can be where you are though. Who is stopping you from being more playful at work?

Today, I am starting a Playful @ Work video series #PlayfulAtWork.
My goal with this series is to inspires you to be more playful at your work.

First episode is about a couple of ideas on how to create magic with your business cards.

Have an idea of what I should cover in one of the videos? Share it here.

If you liked what you saw, and you are in the Bay Area, please join us at Playcamp on the 19th of June in South San Francisco for a day long focus on playfulness in the enterprise. I will keynote the event talking about how playfulness is breaking down company barriers.

Luke Hohmann’s keynote is The Difference Between Snow Flurries, Snowstorms, and Snow Falls. He is the CEO & Founder of Conteneo Inc. Inventor of Innovation Games Collaboration Frameworks, Budget Games and more. Founder, Every Voice Foundation.

Also, I am also super excited to be at the most playful conference that you have never heard of: Yes & Yes Yes happening June 12-15 in Palm Springs. They say it has the spirit of SXSW from the days  it was still small. Hope to see you there.

I started a playlist with all my Playful @ Work type videos done over the years. I hope to post about some of them soon too.

Don’t miss any of the Playful @ Work videos or other posts by signing up for the Playful Enterprise mailing list. My best guess is you will get an email once a month. I will of course never share the list.

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