June 19th Playcamp Keynote: Playfulness Connects the Enterprise

The other day I met Luke Hohmann the CEO of Conteneo. They are developing collaboration tools that use play elements to lead to a better outcomes for example for the San Jose city budget.


I shard with him what I have been doing with the SAP Mentors and my thoughts around what difference playfulness can make in the enterprise.

He liked it my insight enough to spontaneously invite me to do the keynote at the upcoming Playcamp.

Friday June 19th 10am-4pm South San Francisco

Topic: Playfulness Connects the Enterprise
Can you get 100s of conference participants happily on their feet at 6:00 AM in Las Vegas of all places? You can. #RunWithTheWolfpack Playfulness helped break down corporate barriers and literally made Geeks and Suits embrace each other at an SAP event with thousands of participants. #HugASuite.
Learn how to set up an environment of trust for playfulness to flourish in an organization. How playful we are is a direct indicator on the state of our well being. The same is true for the well being of an enterprise.
Learn how to best set up Community Advocacy Groups (a.k.a. Enterprise Tribes) to maximize playfulness in your organization.

Register now! See you there.

Location: CollabNet
4000 Shoreline Court
Suite 300
South San Francisco, CA 94080

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