Good-Bye and Thank You for the …

Good-Bye and thank you for the fish Ukulele.

As many of you know, I recently left SAP and, with it, the management of the SAP Mentors.

I should quit more often, looking at the heart warming response I got from the community. I was floored when, a week ago, the friendly package delivery guy dropped off a beautiful ukulele.

Thank you SAP Mentors so much. Your gift is a total bulls eye. How did you know?

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I dabble with many instruments and brought that passion of making music to many aspects of SAP Mentor activity, for example: the musical intro for webinars, Elvis impersonations, and of course the #GeeksCanDance SAP Jam Band too.

Recently I asked my 9 year old daughter, Nina, what instrument she would like to play.

She said: “You will be surprised. I would like to learn the guitar.”

Thinking about it, I realized, that the Ukulele is the ideal gateway drug instrument to learn guitar. It only has 4 strings instead of the 6. It has nylon strings, therefore easier on the fingers. And, it is way smaller, so it works better for small hands. Still Ukes are no kids instruments. Just listen to this guy.

Now, I have really big hands, and I struggled with cleanly playing the chords on the regular size Ukulele.

In comes the beautiful bigger Baritone Uke from the SAP Mentors. How did you know?

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 3.01.11 PM

The best way to learn an instrument is to find and practice an easy song that you really like. First stop for me is YouTube, and I found a couple. But still, they were a bit too hard for a first song.  Then, I realized, that Scar Tissue from the Red Hot Chilly Peppers has just 2 chords: F and Dm, if you ignore the C during the intro.

The beauty of these two chords is that, to switch between them, you only need to lift one finger. :-)

As a little thank you for the generosity of the SAP Mentors, I recorded the song in the hopes that you may start playing the Ukulele yourself.

Scar Tissue may only have 2 chords, but isn’t without challenge to sing. I am on the road right now and squeezed in this recording in the tree house the evening before I left. Let’s say there is room for improvement. That shouldn’t stop you from having fun playing the song yourself.

Next week you SAP Mentors will be in Orlando for the ASUG Annual Conference aka Sapphire.

I will check it out from afar with many good memories and cheer you on SAP Mentors. Make us proud! Thanks so much for your friendship.

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