Autsch, this one is for…

Autsch, this one is for my musician friends. A calculator for how much royalty a musician gets for the records he or she sold. Break even at 1.2 Million records while 90% of the bands sell around 150 Thousand records.

I read about these contracts the first time in The Baffler a satirical magazine. These guys are brilliant. Just checked and I actually found it on my little bookshelf. It is an article from Steve Albini: The Problem With Music. (Thanks to google it was no problem to find an electronic version) Read it if you want to find out more. 

Later Courtney Love wrote an article, her manifesto as she calls it, about the same topic. It got published in 2000 at Salon. The whole thing is pretty unbelievable.

I hope this calculator helps unsigned bands in their negotiations with the major labels.

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