Let’s Bring the Community Band Together! — 9 Tips For Success


The other day Evan Hamilton DeSerio asked the CMX community on Facebook, whether anyone can bring an instrument to the CMX Summit West that he helps organize. In 2012 the 2 SAP Mentors Matt Harding and David Hull told me that they would like to Jam together at SAP TechEd. It’s an annual event where about six thousand SAP geeks …


Speed Networking: 3 or 20 Deep Connections For Your Event Participants?

SAP Inside Track Palo Alto 2009

Late in the afternoon one year at an SAP Inside Track #SITsv in Palo Alto, one of the participants taps me on the shoulder and says: “You know Mark, I love your event.” I am thinking “Well thanks :-)” and then “Oh, there is going to be a BUT” and here is what he said next: “Last year I walked …

Best Keynote Ever Via Your Enterprise Tribe

Chris Paine Enterprise Jungle Keynote with Steve Lucas

What was the best keynote you ever saw as a customer, partner, or prospect? A keynote that energizes me the most is one that shares a vendor’s’ vision for the future as well as its latest developments. Ideally, a passionate customer is on stage eagerly showing off the solution and raving about the benefit their company is getting from it. …


Spreecast Enabled Listening to the Edges

SAP R/3 Modules [Raute]

In the early 90s SAP was dominating the Enterprise Software Market with their R/2 product on the IBM/Siemens mainframes. IBM was coming out with the AS/400 computer for the mid market and so SAP was developing their next solution R/3 for it. Hasso Plattner once told the story that 9 weeks before they wanted to show the new product at …

SAP Successfactors a Better Fit for LinkedIn

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.32.35 PM

You probably have read the news today about Microsoft buying LinkedIn. I think SAP Successfactors would have been a better fit. In 2009 I was part of a team that negotiated and created a link between the SAP Community Network (SCN) and LinkedIn. That was before LinkedIn’s IPO and SAP Ventures had also invested in them. We called it Community Bio. You were …


Hopfully I never have to buy a Tesla

Horseless Carriage

Growing up in Germany especially as a boy, you obsess over cars. You read Auto Motor @ Sport, the flagship car review magazine from cover to cover. You dream about being a test driver for that magazine. When my old man got a new car I would sit in it for hours and just take it in, push all these …

Proud Adviser to Collaboration Startup Conteneo

conteneo san jose budget games

Really happy to share that Conteneo has added me to their Advisory Board! Conteneo is a Silicon Valley Startup offering multidimensional collaboration solutions for the public and private sector. What excites me about Conteneo’s solutions is how they are using play elements in their collaboration products to help you deeply engage everyone in an organization. Actually, you can easily engage your whole ecosystem. Transforming Transamerica …

Jamie Foxx’ Grandmother to the Priest: “You Stop That!”

Jamie Foxx with Tim Ferriss

The confident grandmother of the actor and musician Jamie Foxx’s stood up in a Texan small town church when the priest started to preach about homosexuality: “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” She stood up and said: “You stop that!” The whole church went silent, and she said: “Let me tell you something. I had this nursery school …