Jam on IntersectionCompanies need to be agile to succeed in this world of Accelerating Change.

They have to scan market and technology trends to adjust their business processes as well as technology to stay competitive.

Developing a deep engagement with their ecosystem, their community gives companies a lasting competitive advantage.

I, Mark Finnern am uniquely qualified to help you succeed at the intersection of Business Process- and Technology Innovation with the help of deep Community Engagement.

For the last several years I developed and ran SAP’s Enterprise Tribe the SAP Mentors comprised of the top ~ 150 community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem of ~3 million members.

We achieved a level of engagement with the SAP Mentors that is the envy of the competition.

After an intense exchange during an hour long webinar with the SAP Mentors an SAP executive leans forward and says: “You guys [SAP Mentors] always seem to have fun.”

It clicked, and I looked deeper and realized the enormous influence that playfulness has on the engagement of people within an enterprise ecosystem. So much so, that I added playfulness as one of the pillars that the SAP Mentor Magic is built upon.

Here the passage within the SAP Mentor Magic Foundation document:


  • HassoPlattneronCloud9The level of trust that the SAP Mentors have with each other enables us to jam/experiment, or even fail with SAP.
    SAP Mentors are jamming the SAP culture.
  • Playfulness is not a requirement to become an SAP Mentor, but you have to be OK with other SAP Mentors being playful. As an SAP Mentor you don’t need to be playful, but in support of other Mentor’s playfulness.
  • Great example of mostly SAP Mentor driven playfulness are the legendary SCNotties 30 seconds of recognition videos including awards ceremony.

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Really? You know you can’t force improvement of morale, and similarly you can’t force a playful environment in an enterprise.

It is an art of nurturing that creates conditions of trust, familiarity, an embrace of experimentation, and acceptance of failure that allows people to play within an environment of excellence. An art based on the science of human behavior, group dynamics, and cooperation put into effective practice.

John Reed commented recently:

jon-reed-004.jpgThat’s how it was for so many of us, myself included. The Mentors were, for me, the most vivid example of what I sometimes call a “culture of excellence,” people who were friendly and inclusive but also challenged the heck out of each other. It’s a model Mark Finnern envisioned that I will carry with me.

I was able to create such an environment at SAP for and with the SAP Mentors. Let me help you create the same at your company.

Mark Finnern Bio

mark finnern Let me tell you a storyAs if a magician, Mark Finnern creates communities from thin air around work, ideas, and local playfulness. Recently Mark Finnern founded Playful Enterprise a boutique consultancy where he brings his “magic” social technology for community to organizations ready to engage their enterprise tribes.

As SAP Chief Community Evangelist he developed and ran the SAP Mentor Initiative. The SAP Mentors are the top ~ 150 community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem of ~3 million members. At the 10 year anniversary, the community voted him as the “real founder” of SAP Community Network for his Don Finleone performance. (also voted most likely to join the circus….)

Since 2003, Mark has hosted the Future Salon he founded, a get together of a group of eclectic change makers curious about a world that works for all. At TEDx he shared his 5 Ideas on How to Bring All of Our Schools Into 21st Century.

Mark also initiated Sandwich and Play, a weekly informal play time of families in the San Mateo Highlands. He also founded and led the San Mateo Highlands Renegade Marching Band to two consecutive best of 4th of July parade wins.

While it may seem like a romp at the circus, Mark Finnern’s magic creates the conditions and culture for community to thrive.