Joining the CrowdSmart Team :-)

In 2007, at the height of Web 2.0, Tim O’Reilly was giving the keynote at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. That afternoon I organized a Community Day for the most active SAP community members. We gave out T-shirts that said: Go Ahead. Make my Community Day!

Tim got his shirt when he joined us for a fireside chat at the SAP Community day. He later walked out on the TechEd Keynote stage wearing the shirt saying: “A company that puts that slogan on their shirt gets it.”

Thank you Bill Johnston for introducing me to the CrowdSmart team. I wasn’t looking for a job, but they were looking for a leader of their community even before hiring a Chief Marketing Officer. That was very intriguing to me. A company that puts the focus of their activity around community first, gets it. I am very excited to let you know that I have joined CrowdSmart to lead our community efforts.

My goal is to create the best platform and experience for Investors interested in seed investing as well as for the Startups on our platform. I started that conversation with a survey that you may want to fill out. You can win $500 matching fund in your next CrowdSmart investment. Next time you invest $500 on our platform, you will receive $1000 worth of equity in the Startup of your choosing. 

CrowdSmart is the first company to create a platform that combines the insights of a diverse group of smart investors with an AI system. Together we make significantly better Startup seed investing decisions. Starting as low as $1000 per investment deal, you can be part of this interesting opportunity too. Sign up here.

The platform, and our process, is majorly influenced by the research results of Professor Philip Tedlock who wrote the book Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction.

His research shows that the methods used by superforecasters enable them to outperform even professional intelligence analysts. We will also prove that with the tools of the CrowdSmart platform; we can do the same for Startup investing.

By signing up and being active on CrowdSmart you will become a better forecaster too, which will help you, not only financially, but using these tools may improve your daily life too.

CrowdSmart advantages for Investors:

  • High quality and quantity Startup deal flow.
  • Low minimum: $1000 per opportunity.
  • Flexible deal evaluations: Mostly when you have time, wherever you are.
  • Smart diverse fellow Investors and Experts.
  • AI system improving the likelihood of success.

CrowdSmart advantages for Startups:

  • Short evaluation process 30 instead of 90+ days.
  • Transparency to the whole evaluation. All of it happening on the platform for the Startup to participate and benefit from.
  • Valuable feedback to quickly adjust approach.
  • A valuable network of experts that help make the Startup successful through insights and connections.

We will go into more details about all of the above in the coming weeks.

Join today and you can still be on the evaluation team of, a Startup that has developed a mobile currency that connects brands with consumers. They have over a million downloads of their app in Colombia and Mexico and are in the process of launching their own Initial Coin Offering (ICO) later this year.

Therefore you have the chance to get equity in a company that after this round may never need any more funding. Unlike most other ICOs, they actually have a successful mobile currency and many active users. Even if you don’t invest in, it will be interesting to be part of the evaluation team and get a front row seat on the discussion around this topic.

This is an enormous opportunity to expand the Startup investment space beyond Sand Hill Road and Silicon Valley. Let’s fund and help succeed the scientifically most promising Startups wherever they are and wherever you are. Please join CrowdSmart and help me make it the best Investing Platform.

P.S. The featured picture is from the Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael a couple of years ago. Let’s give the CrowdSmart investment community and their Startups wings.

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