Don’t Teach Them To Fish. Teach Them To Dig Their Own Pond!

Happy Labor Day. A good time to take a step back and check out Douglas Rushkoff”s Life Inc. The Movie.

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Greg brilliant question, that hit it on the nail: Don’t teach them to fish? Teach them to dig their own pond?
Which John sees as: The basis of a resilient community parable.
I think: Your future prosperity depends on your ability to dig your own pond.
Michael commented: Focus on platforms for micro-entrepreneurs is better >> works for me, but not for everyone!
John tweeted: That is a legacy problem.
I also think that this is solvable by changing our educational focus. Schools need to be training grounds for digging ponds.
Globalization, energy and food shortage, accelerated change, automation, robotics, … are forces that will majorly influence our ability to put food on the table for us and our loved ones.
Greg’s tweet today stopped me from laughing out laud because it hit too close to home. Brilliantly shows the core of our current problem:


GregChaseGregChase @finnern Teach them to buy and sell derivitives of futures of fish they might catch if they built their own pond – 6 hours ago

The American Way? Unfortunately the American way of people with money who are calling the shots.

Our way out of this will be via Resilient Communities, Meta CurrenciesTransition Town Movements …  In a comment to the Live Inc movie someone suggested Time Banking. Interesting idea that needs further exploring. This is the new frontier to help create a society that works for all.