Cracking Poached Egg Gromit


Cracked an egg that I thought was hard boiled. It wasn’t. So I quickly poached it in the microwave.

It is really easy: To quickly make a poached egg in the microwave oven, you crack the egg into a small bowl that stands in a larger bowl that has some water in it.

Put the two bowls into the microwave and depending on your preference and the strength of your oven wave it for 1-2 minutes.

In my case I did 1 minute and then additional 30 seconds. Pepper and salt to taste. Yummy!

Check out the final picture. Not that you can see a big difference with a glass bowl on a white porcelain bowl, there is not a lot of contrast to the white egg.

Picture taken by Mark & Marie Finnern.

P.S. I mostly posted this because I wasn’t sure whether posting from Flickr directly to this workpress blog still works. It does, like a charm. Oh and I hope you make one of these eggs too.

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